Over the past few years, the Company has facilitated an annual Leadership Development Programme. This programme is an in-house training course which consists of various modules, presented over 2 days a month, for the duration of the year. Candidates are nominated by their managers and are required to go through a screening process before the final group is selected.

The course is aimed at developing leadership within the business and growing our talent base. It is thus imperative that the participants are highly motivated individuals, with strong drive and are known to live out the values of our organization.

Some of the modules which they complete during the year, include:

  • Our business strategy
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Organisational Leadership
  • Commercial Negotiations
  • Business Finance
  • Corporate Governance
  • The HR Toolkit
  • and finally an integration of the knowledge gained throughout the year

As part of this LDP journey, the teams over the past few years have realized that they are in a very privileged position to be attending this course, and have the opportunity to undergo immense personal growth. Every year, the teams have agreed that it is their responsibility as leaders to also give back to the community. In view thereof, a strong relationship has formed with the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organisation and teams have raised money in aid of this organization for a number of years.

During 2013, the LDP team raised a total of R65 000
In 2014, the LDP raised a total of R180 000
In 2015 a total of R285 000 was raised
The fund raising activities are all arranged by the LDP team members while still having to cope with their day to day functions at the workplace, attending the jam-packed LDP modules and dealing with everyday life. Some of the initiatives have included a Race Day at Kennilworth Race Course, Golf Days, a Jazz Evening etc.

The team of 2017 has again made the conscious decision to give back to the community and raising funds in aid of the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organisation, as well as the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre. They have also taken on the challenge to raise even more funds than the previous year's LDP teams and we are excited to join them at their Graduation Ceremony in October 2017, when they will be handing over the cheques of funds raised to both these worthy conservation organisations.

Some pics of this year's team: